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  • On Being Desired

    On Being Desired

    Basking in the flames It’s party night. I just know this one is going to be awesome. A handpicked crowd of weirdos and misfits, a massive flat with themed rooms, a bunch of art performances… I took Monday off. I’m pretty hyped and feel like making an effort for this one. Just as well that…

  • Guilty until proven innocent

    Guilty until proven innocent

    I remember the first time somebody told me that when I walk down the street at night and there is a woman walking in front of me, I should cross to the other side so she doesn’t feel threatened. I don’t think I understood it at first. Why? What have I done? Have I become…

  • Are Men Emotionally Immature?

    Are Men Emotionally Immature?

    For a host of very bad reasons, we spent a very long time denying that women are equally capable of doing math as men. Some very smart people would justify this: after all, women are the emotional ones who can’t fathom the rational workings of a male mind. They would even present empirical proofs: Behold…

  • Short On Sex

    Short On Sex

    I admit it, I haven’t been my best self when I’m sex starved. I have been irritable. I have been passive-aggressive. I have said things that made my partner feel inadequate, and I have done it in the full awareness of the fact that this not only hurts her, but also makes my problem worse:…

  • Men: Our Hard Shells and Our Soft Bellies

    Men: Our Hard Shells and Our Soft Bellies

    I should be more vulnerable, they say. I should learn to express my feelings and be comfortable with having a wider variety of emotions than just anger. I should drop my gruff guard, let people in, and really connect with them on a deep level. I should open up about my problems and communicate them…

  • Men are changing. Please be kind.

    Men are changing. Please be kind.

    It is hard to look in the mirror and say: I’ve done bad things. It’s hard to even say: I belong to a group that has done bad things. And over the last years, women have been more and more boldly shoving that mirror in men’s faces: Look at who you are! Is this really who…

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